iPad I salute you

December 2020 marked my 40th birthday and, while inside I still think i’m in my late teens, but reality is that i’m a father of two; I wanted to treat myself, so I splashed out for an iPad Air 2020.

Prior to this purchase I’d only…

Setting up a Postgres instance in LightSail

If you’ve not done so already create yourself an AWS account for which you’ll need payment details for. It’s fairly painless!

Once you’ve logged in, go to Services, find Compute and click on LightSail. You’ll be taken to a new browser tab, dedicated to LightSail.

I’m sure that you’ll want…

Amongst many things in life, I like maps, data and messing around with tech. In this post I wanted to introduce you to LightSail and why it could change how you share GIS data.

LightSail is a little gem of AWS which not so many people are aware of and…

Simon ‘Geosmiles’ Miles

I love tech and starting to fall for Apple. Into APIs, Coding HTML/JS (nodeJS), low-code, maps, GIS, AWS, databases, data in general.

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